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  • LunaStone Wise Guy Overdrive Pedal

    LunaStone Wise Guy Overdrive Pedal

    DMS Price: $449.00

    RRP: $549.00


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    The Wise Guy is our classic overdrive pedal that gives you a cutting, mid-focused crunch, coupled with the transparency and sweet responsiveness you would expect from a great vintage amp. This pedal delivers unrivaled sustain and cleans up nicely when you back off on your guitar’s volume knob.

    Unlike most other overdrives and distortions, the Wise Guy achieves its incredible warm, tube-like overdrive purely from cascading gain stages much like in a real tube amp, giving you a musical tone that truly inspires the creation of great music.

    Further, the Wise Guy lets you kick in an independent level booster, adding up to 15 dB, which helps drive your tube amp into saturation and to cut through the band mix on the stage.

    • Independent +15 dB level boost
    • Warm touch-sensitive, natural tube-like overdrive
    • A wide gain range – from soft rhythm crunch to soaring leads
    • Truckloads of Sustain
    • High Quality Components
    • True Bypass Switching
    • Top-Mounted Jacks and DC-plug Save Space on Your Pedal Board

    Main Specs:

    Manufacturer: LunaStone (Made in Denmark)
    Model: Wise Guy
    Power:  9V DC Power Supply (Not Included) or 9V Battery

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